Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm Crushing

Okay....I'm totally crushing on this handsome guy today!

It's been seven years since I married my man and eleven years since we met. Let me just say that the saying about wine getting better with age must be true...the same goes for my man. He has been my rock these past few years as I have struggled with health issues and unmet desires of my heart. It's been awesome to see the husband God has designed him to be just for me.

I shared in my last post about my desire for another child, but there was a part I left out. One part of the story that wasn't mentioned are the months and months of seeing negative pregnancy tests because I have never had a normal cycle. I would harden myself to the idea to even hope that it could happen. With these months I would have times where it was just me, myself and I having a pity party. It must have been like clockwork because he knew. He knew when I needed him most and was always there. I can only hope that my little guy grows up to be half the man his daddy is. Because I am one lucky girl!

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