Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5 Years!!! Eeek!

Today I broke out the the brushes, oils and canvas! I had this grand idea to paint my husband a painting for our anniversary this week. First off, let me just say that I don't think I've painted with my oils since before I got married (note: will be 5 years!). It took a little banging and hot water to get many of the paint tubes even open.

 So with a little online research, I found that the traditional gift for your fifth anniversary is wood, and the contemporary gift is silverware.



Umm...I'm not even sure where to even go with this.

Really, what am I going to get my husband that's made out of wood or silverware that he would even want. I'm pretty sure he could care less if he even had silverware to eat with. He would be content eat with his fingers if I let him.

 The rule follower in me decided to smudge the the rules just a bit. He is going to get something wood, Not made of wood per say, but wood nontheless.  I think he'll love it....and it was free, which frees up some mula to buy him something else that I know he wants, but doesn't follow the traditonal/contemporary rules.

So the big thing I learned in the whole experience, that I do still have time to paint. I now have no more excuses.