Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Secrets of the Vine for Women Book Review

Secrets of the Vine for Women, Breaking Through to Abundance by Darlene Marie Wilkinson

 Much can be learned from an intimate conversation in a vineyard, that Jesus had with his followers the night before his death. Jesus shared with his disciples how God would be at work in them to give them a more abundant life.

In Secrets of the Vine for Women, Darlene Wilkinson shares stories from many women on how they have been changed by embracing exactly what Jesus taught as well as a story of a father and daughter and their vineyard interwoven into each chapter. What is so great about the story of the vine dresser woven throughout the book, is the beautiful picture it gives you of the love and care God has for you. He wants you to abide in him, to be intimate, to bear fruit and live an abundant life in Him. Wilkinson helps us discover just how we can apply and prioritize our lives for Christ. She also gives an amazing perspective on how what we "love, treasure, enjoy and consider good on earth is a gift from God". We need to remember that these things are on loan from our creator; "that every gift in this life has a time limit."

I would personally recommend this book to anyone seeking a deeper and more intimate relationship with Christ. One great thing about this book, it's small and an extremely easy read. If you live a busy lifestyle or just aren't really a reader in general, you could finish this easily in less than a week.

Secrets of the Vine for Women (Chapter 1 Excerpt)

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.