Monday, February 15, 2010's progress

I'm feeling pretty good after this last week. I think I'm making progress at least. I've been for the most part able to keep up with my Bible reading plan. The only time I got behind was over the weekend (ie. Friday & Saturday.) I managed to get caught up tonight and I really feel like I'm learning. My Bible reading plan I'm doing is in chronological order rather that straight through the books. It's pretty interesting. I just finished Job and learned about the threshing floor and it's significance. I love how it represents the picture of marriage and the covenant that God has made with us. It's amazing how deeply significant everything is in the word.

I find it funny when I talk with other Christians and they bring up Bible stories that they learned as children to explain a situation. I just look at them dumbfounded. I didn't grow up going to church and getting to learn all of the Bible stories and songs that come from Sunday school classes. I feel bad about it sometimes, but I just have to realize that God has a plan for my life now and not to focus on the past too much. It's just really hard some days when I want to teach and sing some of those cute little Sunday schools songs with my son and I don't know any. I've come to the conclusion that in the near future, he'll be teaching me them and I just smile to myself.

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