Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My list of excuses...

Distractions....distractions...distractions. That what I've going to blame for my massive blogging absence. That and the feeling like I've got nothing important to say. Although, I guess you don't have to only blog when you have something important to say. If that were the case I think I would only blog a few times a year. Are you getting my point yet? Excuses....excuses....excuses.

Not much has been going on in my little world. This week I'm a little more amped up than usual. I'm getting pretty anxious. My sister-in-law is expected to delivery my new niece or nephew. Pretty much everyone is counting on this baby being a boy. So it is going to come as one huge shocker if that baby comes out a girl. I can't wait to hold that baby regardless.

I'm excited to see the face of this little girl when she's finally a big sister. She's been asking to see that baby for months. She's going to be her baby brother or sister's little mommy, that's for sure.

So I keep thinking about sharing some of my party planning and decorating that I love so much, but completely forget about it until after. I may just have to do a post soon about the birthday party I threw for my little man's fourth birthday. It was Mario Kart themed. With a little help from Pinterest I succeeded in the party throwing department. That's exactly where I'm head after this ideas. Eeek! I'm so excited.

Have a wonder Wednesday. I'll be back soon with a new book review...and book giveaway!

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