Thursday, November 10, 2011

Return of the Fan Girl

It's true....the fan girl in me is contained in between Twilight movies, but when the movie is just days away, I'm as giddy as can been. I've been getting my plans in order with sister and friend to meet up at midnight back in my old town. It's always so much fun planning this one big time each year. No matter what it's set in stone to do together.

Eclipse Premiere

And...since we are getting together with tons of other fans to a sold out showing of the movie...we must also dress for it. No costumes, mind you, but apparel nonetheless. I always like to go the non-traditional route. I don't want that shirt that I can go down to the mega store and buy. In the past I've gotten shirts from Cafe Press. This year, or as I have lovingly started to call it, the year of Etsy. I made my purchase from Etsy.

Twilight Saga Embellished Tee

I got this way cute shirt from a "quirky" little shop named Quirk Shop. Michele has so many cute little things in her shop. Please go and check her out.  I may just be back soon to pick one of these up.

Meet Me at the Mistletoe Headband

Have a great rest of the week. Pictures to come!

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