Monday, September 26, 2011

Ode to My Man

Have I told you just how much I love my man?

Me and my man celebrated six years of mostly blissful marriage this past weekend. I say mostly because there are always those hard parts of life that you have deal with at times. Sometimes they made me ugly. I'm ashamed of those moments. My man, still loved me through those moments and didn't think me ugly. Everyday I feel blessed that he showed me grace I didn't deserve. Does that sound familiar? Yeah, I think so...he showed me grace just like our Lord shows us grace when we don't deserve it. My man...he's one godly man.

So this post isn't about's about showing you a glimpse of this man that I share my life with. The man who I share every little piece of me with. The man who rocks my world!

 This man showed me how a gentleman should act. That chivalry wasn't dead. This is a picture of our first official date....junior prom. Talk about expectations. I've stuck with this man since that day. 

He stuck with me through my mess of haircuts, and always told me I was beautiful.

This man planned our honeymoon, and wouldn't even tell me till the week of.

He continues to show me the adventure that life can be. 

My man behind the mask.

Hick Couple- Me pregnant and using the pregnancy as a beer belly. Him unshaven..nuff said.

He lets me talk him into ridiculous costumes, even when I dress him as woman.

This man gave me this beautiful little boy and became a Daddy. He showed me what a true father is.

This man made a family. This man knows how to show genuine love and affection. This man. rocks my world!

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