Wednesday, August 17, 2011

10 Pounds

Yeah, that's exactly how many pounds of blueberries we came home with from blueberry picking. I've been so excited all week to sit down and write this post.

This past weekend we went up to Michigan to visit my grandparents. We always love going there, not only for the their company, but for the pure beauty of the area that they live in. We were so bummed learning the night before we were supposed to head out that there was an 80 percent chance of rain, pretty much the entire time we were going to be visiting. Regardless, we were going. Their company was enough to entice me. 

On the way there, our child lifesaver broke. By lifesaver, I mean DVD player. And by broke, I mean works for minutes at time. R.I.P., you have been good to us. Toddlers and long distances don't usually mix well. We recovered and so did he. My little man was an angel (just like he's always telling my man..."Daddy, you look like an angel!"). Why don't I look like an angel? Ah hem....anyway, we made it. 

Once arriving, he was out the car and into the toys. I think every child has a GPS that tells them exactly where all toys make their homes. He knew right where to go and didn't plan on leaving anytime soon. About that time, their was a break in the rain...and it was gorgeous! Sunny with those fluffy clouds...GORGEOUS! After much asking and peeling we got away from the toys and to the Blueberry patch? place? I'm not sure if that's what they're called, but that's where went. Our family, virgin blueberry pickers. I was so excited! Little man....not so much. His mind was on the toys back at the house.

Once out in the rows, with our buckets tied around our waists, he was getting in the mood. He realized he could eat these things hanging on the trees....and they tasted good! That's all it took and the toys were completely erased from his mind. This speaks volumes of my picky eater.

Little Man and his Great Grandma
My Man and Little Man

The trees were overflowing with blueberries....I think it took us all of thirty minutes to pick them. I think it only took that long because I was talking and picking. I'm not always the best at focusing on one task. But the task was done and we were reaping our reward in blueberries.

We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the company of the wise and enjoying a few laughs. They have some of the best stories.

My Grandmother is an artist. One of my favorite things about visiting her is seeing what new things she has painted. God has blessed her was some serious talent.

P.S. My know Best Friend Forver! Just had her first baby! It's a precious little lady by the name of Hadley. Congrats Stacy and Justin, we couldn't be more excited for you!

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