Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Marshmallows, Goldfish & Peppermint Patties

Hope you all had as much fun this weekend as I did!

My Holiday Weekend Top Ten

10. Having both sides of our family over for a cookout. (We're family kind of people)

9.   Having half of them stay the night....which means some serious rounds of board games.

8.   More desserts than you can fit on one plate!

7.   Grilled corn on the cob....yumm!

6.   Watching Josiah drive his cousin, Cally, around in his Jeep power wheels for the first time. Can we say major cuteness!

5.   Eating lunch at a diner and watching Josiah stand up and dance in the booth because he can see his reflection in the mirror across from us.

4.   Ending a majorly successful week of potty training. Monday was met with zero accidents in underwear all day!
2.   Singing Chris August's Candy Wrap (Josiah's favorite) in the car with my man on the way home from watching fireworks

1.   Bringing our favorite snacks (marshmallows, goldfish & peppermint patties) to the lake and watching the fireworks with our family and community. Hearing the squeals of delight from tons of little people along with Josiah.

Bonus: Instead of sleeping most nights, I was sucked into this awesome book this weekend. For any of you out there that liked the Hunger Games.....this is a must read

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