Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Days 10-16....wooo...I'm behind

I'm behind in the matter of writing about what I've been doing, but not in the challenge. It's been crazy busy around my house the past few days. We've still got the sickies going on...and everyone's not quite up to par. I feel like all I've been doing is driving from doctor's office to doctor's office and then to family obligations. Okay...so let's get caught up on how I've been holding up in the challenge.

Day 10: Today I took my husband lunch at work. He's been really busy and stressed out and wasn't going to be able to leave for lunch.

Day 11: Helped around the house to keep my son from wearing out my sick husband. This may not sound like giving, but if you had any idea how attached my son is to my husband, you would understand.

Day 12: Donated to the Ronald McDonald House.

Day 13: We stayed the night at my Mother-in-law's house and I cleaned up her living room any kitchen for her. When you get that many people in a house together and everyone's having a good time, there never seems time clean.

Day 14: I hosted a dinner for family that came from out-of-town to visit. It was so nice getting to see them. I only get to see them a couple times of the year and this one was an extra one.

Day 15: I put together a shoebox for Samaritan's Purse. This week is their national collection week. If you've never done this...or heard of this, it's not too late. It's an awesome way for the gospel to get delivered and great way to show God's love.

The best part of this day for me though was helping an elderly man in the grocery store. He was on an electric scooter and couldn't reach something on the shelf and asked me for help. This was the most rewarding for me today. I know making the shoebox for a child can have an impact on an entire family, but this was immediate.

Day 16: still in progress....

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