Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 17-21

I'll keep this short, but here's the lowdown on how I've been sticking to the challenge.

Day 17: I volunteered to make 3 casserole dishes for our local mission for Thanksgiving. I also put together my box for Samaritan's Purse Christmas Child.

Day 18: I went grocery shopping at Aldi and noticed a woman digging in her purse to try to find a quarter so that she could get her grocery cart. I knew I had an extra so I got it out and got a cart for the woman. She was so thankful. I always try to give my cart away when I'm leaving the store so someone else doesn't have to pay for one. I did this, but I got a blessing back. The woman insisted that I take her quarter for my cart. She was so sweet.

Day 19: Today I was having a terrible day. We are having to try a month without milk with my son. So I was at the grocery store again, trying to find food that didn't contain any dairy. He was throwing a fit because he wanted cheese, pizza, chocolate milk....and the list goes on. I always have this challenge on my mind when I'm out and about. So what I did today was offer my assistance to help reach food that and elderly person couldn't reach from their scooter. I know it seems little, but it was the opportunity that make itself know that day.

Day 20: I helped my In-laws clean out a room in their basement so that we could make it into a gameroom and playroom.

Day 21: My Husband and I paid for my Mother-in-law's lunch after church.

Still working on back soon!

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